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Love Do's at Work

"LOVE DO'S" are specific commitments to doing love.  These commitments are planned opportunities to practice Love, and we do them anonymously wherever possible. "LOVE DO'S" are not related to our feelings; "LOVE DO'S" are actions that reflect the nature of love. Love is patient and kind, it forgives and perseveres. Love is hopeful, celebrates goodness, rejoices when others succeed and is not arrogant or puffed up.

The Rules

  1. Commit to thirty days of "LOVE DO'S", one per day. 
  2. Write the "LOVE DO" you select for each day on a planner or calendar for the next thirty days. You can repeat a "LOVE DO", but try to challenge yourself with variety or by choosing "LOVE DO'S" in places or situations you feel negatively toward. 
  3. You must not tell anyone about your "LOVE DO" commitment.
  4. Be authentic and sincere; you do not have to feel loving to do love, but an honest desire and a sincere message is a must.
  5. Wherever possible, make the "LOVE DO" anonymous. 
  6. You can choose "LOVE DO'S" that are not listed; the list provides a few ideas that could work for a variety of people. If you create "LOVE DO'S", be sure to add them to your planner ahead of time. Keep it simple and be anonymous whenever possible.
  7. Keep a journal. Make notes about your experiences each day. Note the way each "LOVE DO" made you feel, any impact on others you noticed, changes in your attitudes, feelings about specific circumstances, people or relationships overall.

  • Leave a paper towel hanging out of the dispenser for the next person each time you use the restroom today.

  • Look for an opportunity to make the next pot of coffee, open the new package or replenish something everyone uses, wipe out the common microwave, etc. For today, do this on purpose and anonymously.

  • Smile and say hello to someone who appears grumpy or sad today.

  • Ask someone how their day is going and sincerely listen to their response without advising, interrupting or providing a solution of any kind; you are simply to be a sounding board.

  • Look for an opportunity to point out a co-worker’s talent or something positive they did, and if possible, in front of others.

  • Do something kind for someone today who has been unfair, unkind, impatient or rude to you in the past. An act of kindness can be as small as holding a door for them, giving them the last cup of coffee, saying “hello” or “good morning” with a smile, giving up your seat or buying them their favorite snack from the vending machine.  

  • Today, commit to focusing on the bright side of people, circumstances and things. You will look for the good and point out the “upside” as opportunities arise. Your interactions and behaviors will be devoid of criticism, a “doom and gloom” outlook, anger, disapproval, or negative communication, including body language.  

  • Treat each person you encounter today with the same courtesy and respect you would give the President, Chairman of the Board, Director, CEO or owner of your company. Think carefully about your behavior, doing this on purpose.

  • If someone does something you approve of today, tell them specifically what they did that you appreciated and how it made a difference to you. “Atta boy” and “Good job, buddy” do NOT count; you have to be specific with the exact thing they did and its’ direct, observable impact. “Thank you for including all three months of information in your report. Having the extra information saved me a lot of time since I didn’t have to go back to the surveys from previous meetings to finish the analysis.”  Or, “I appreciate the extra time you spent with Harold this morning. He’s been depressed since his roommate left, and today I noticed him smiling and talking with two new residents after your time with him, which hasn’t happened in weeks.”

  • Before starting your day at work, think of someone you do not like and write down three good traits or qualities they possess. Find an opportunity to mention one of these good qualities in casual conversation with co-workers or with the individual. Be sincere and authentic. If you add a dig or negative comment, it does not count.

  • Look for a mess today. Be on the lookout for wrappers, paper, napkins or trash left in common areas, like hallways, restrooms, lunchrooms, coffee stations, etc., and quietly clean it up. Most importantly, do it without anyone knowing.

Your Ideas for "Love Do's"

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