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Love Do's at Home

"LOVE DO'S" are specific commitments to doing love.  These commitments are planned opportunities to practice Love, and we do them anonymously wherever possible. "LOVE DO'S" are not related to our feelings; "LOVE DO'S" are actions that reflect the nature of love. Love is patient and kind, it forgives and perseveres. Love is hopeful, celebrates goodness, rejoices when others succeed and is not arrogant or puffed up.
The Rules
  1. Commit to thirty days of "LOVE DO'S", one per day. 
  1. Write the "LOVE DO" you select for each day on a planner or calendar for the next thirty days. You can repeat a "LOVE DO", but try to challenge yourself with variety or by choosing "LOVE DO'S" in places or situations you feel negatively toward. 
  1. You must not tell anyone about your "LOVE DO" commitment.
  1. Be authentic and sincere; you do not have to feel loving to do love, but an honest desire and a sincere message is a must.
  1. Wherever possible, make the "LOVE DO" anonymous. 
  1. You can choose "LOVE DO'S" that are not listed; the list provides a few ideas that could work for a variety of people. If you create "LOVE DO'S", be sure to add them to your planner ahead of time. Keep it simple and be anonymous whenever possible.
  1. Keep a journal. Make notes about your experiences each day. Note the way each "LOVE DO" made you feel, any impact on others you noticed, changes in your attitudes, feelings about specific 

  • Look for a mess today and clean it up. Be on the lookout for wrappers, paper, napkins or trash left in common areas, like hallway, bathroom, kitchen, family room, etc., and quietly clean it up. Most importantly, do it without anyone knowing.
  • Say a prayer, asking an individual or group is blessed with every wonderful thing you would want for yourself each time you are irritated or bothered, never praying to "get your way". 
  • Look for an opportunity to make the next pot of coffee, open the new package or replenish something everyone uses, wipe out the common microwave, etc. For today, do this on purpose and anonymously.
  • Smile and give a hug to someone who appears grumpy or sad today.
  • Ask someone how their day is going and sincerely listen to their response without interrupting, advising or directing.  Be a sounding board.
  • Look for an opportunity to point out a family member's talent or something positive they did. Do this in the presence of others if possible.
  • Today, commit to focusing on the bright side of people, circumstances and things in your home or with your family. You will look for the good and point out the “upside” as opportunities arise. Your interactions and behaviors will be devoid of criticism, a “doom and gloom” outlook, anger, disapproval, or negative communication, including body language.  
  • Do something to make life easier for someone in your family, whether living in your home or elsewhere. Clean the snow off their car, take their car and fill it up with gas if you can do this anonymously, vacuum and clean it out without mentioning it, anonymously put a gas card or oil change gift certificate on their windshield while they are at work, pick up "carry out" from their favorite restaurant, pay one of your family member's bills, shovel their snow or pull weeds in their yard (anonymously if possible) or do one of the chores they usually do.

Your Ideas for "Love Do's"

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