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Thirty Love Notes in 30 Days

Our first project was  "Thirty Love Notes in 30 Days", writing one per day beginning Easter Sunday 2013. The Love Notes activity was a catalyst to doing and having a deeper understanding of the characteristics and power of Agape Love. I did complete the thirty day commitment, and it caused growth and tremendous ripple effects which are still unfolding. You can learn more about the Love Notes project by clicking on Love Notes to Read and Writing Love Notes pages. 

I'm not going to pull any punches; this project was more difficult than anticipated because of the commitment, introspection and discipline it required. It became challenging too when people who do not seek to "do" Love were critical and even nasty (there were a few people in that mix who are close to me). However, the more I wrote and meditated on Love, the more I realized that I only become better at Love by doing it, especially under the worse of circumstances, and that the harder the situation, the more I will grow in Love. So, the worse things benefitted me and those around me in a big way when I treated them with Love. 

In the midst of this first project, I unexpectedly lost my Mother.  I kept writing and was presented with a myriad of opportunities to "do" Love (or not). If it hadn't been for the spiritual stability and closeness to Christ this project drove me to, my family and I would not have been able to handle her passing as we did.  Nothing, not even death, can overcome the power of Love!

Love is the single most powerful force in all the universe, and it is no wonder miraculous events unfolded in writing about it and focusing on it purposely each day.  Love wants everyone to have it, to "practice" it in all circumstances and celebrate the fruit it brings. There is nothing greater than Love.  

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If you have written "Love Notes" and would be willing to share with others, please send to: info@lovelikegiants.org.  

Copy and paste or attach your "Love Note"  to the email as a PDF or word document.  Be sure to include your name, email address and a phone number where we can reach you. We may use your  "Love Note" on the "Love Like Giants" site, in future publications, promotions or events.

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