posted Apr 12, 2013, 3:37 AM by Love Like Giants   [ updated Apr 12, 2013, 3:39 AM ]
Hello Friend,

I have written you a letter I will call a "Love Note". I am writing because I want to be better at Love and help other people learn about it as well. I will write and send a unique "Love Note" to a different person each day for thirty days. It is important for me to focus on my personal experience with Love, not give advice, direction or suggestions. For this reason, my "Love Notes" will always go to someone I have never met and know nothing about, and you were chosen at random to get this note.  We are strangers, but I am hopeful that what I write will somehow have meaning to you.

I am a few weeks into writing "Love Notes". I certainly didn't anticipate the impact that writing like this has had. Even when I don't start my day with writing, I am thinking about it throughout, and when your mind is on Love more of the time, things begin to change. I am so much more aware of what I am "supposed" to do if I am to be good at "doing" Love. I am also painfully aware of it when I behave or think in an "unloving" way.  The reality of how very important it is to "do" Agape Love is more clear. If I am to know and be a follower of Christ (which I am), my mission in life must be to learn about and practice Love, and He is my role model. In addition, my behavior should be congruent with my mission, and that's where it gets difficult. Someone is nasty and you want to retaliate; that's not the way of Love. You are cut off in traffic and you curse the driver; that's not how great "doers" of Love behave. Everyone is gossiping about a co-worker's bad behavior and you want to chime in; Love doesn't act that way. The cashier at the grocery store accidentally drops the jar of pickles you just paid for and you want to snap at her; Love is slow to offend and quick to forgive. This is where the rubber meets the road, becoming a skilled practitioner of Love.

Well, that's my love letter to you; thank you for reading and I hope it was helpful. I find myself concentrating on something specific and different each day, and I'm sure it's for a reason. May God bless and enrich your life. Your name was picked at random to receive this, but I am certain it wasn't by chance.

Learning about Agape Love