You are Not Small...

posted Apr 21, 2013, 7:05 AM by Love Like Giants   [ updated Apr 21, 2013, 7:05 AM ]

I have written you an agape "Love Note". The purpose of writing like this is to increase my understanding of Love, reflect more deeply on my experience with it, be a consistent "doer" of Love in all circumstances and help other people want to do the same. I will write and send a "Love Note" like this to a different person each day for thirty days. "Love Notes" focus on my personal experience with Love; there is no advice, direction or suggestions given. The thoughts I share are mine and will not be persuaded by anything I know about you. For this reason, "Love Notes" will always go to someone I have never met and know nothing about. We are strangers, but I am hopeful that what I write will somehow have meaning to you.

"You are not small, so don't act like it."  Those were the quiet words I heard this morning as I gave a push to the negative thoughts I started my day with. It was not too long ago that I would have found myself "in" that negative stuff before I would have been aware enough to do anything about it; I was spending a lot of time in life doing "damage control". Since I started focusing more on Love, I have heightened awareness of the thinking that starts my attitude spiraling, and I get a "nudging" before I ruin a part of my day or block good things intended for me. This morning, I decided take the direction I was given right away, and because of it, I felt peaceful.... even joyful, and was able to give support to a few people around me who needed it. My heart's desire is to be better at "doing" Love; negative thinking, strife, arrogance, fear and pride are barriers to Love... I have to throw dark thoughts out by focusing toward worshiping God. That is the only way to being peaceful, kind, loving and unselfish and drawing those qualities out of the people around me. Sounds like Love to me....

Well, that's my love letter to you; thank you for reading and I hope it made your day a little better. May God bless you and enrich your life. Of all the people I could have mailed this "Love Note" to, I chose you.  Your name was picked at random, but I am certain it wasn't by chance.

Learning about Love